Assorted candies  Русь-Тройка Красный Октябрь

Assorted candies Русь-Тройка Красный Октябрь

350 g
Full Description
  • Description: glazed chocolate candies.
  • Ingredients: sugar, chocolate icing (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter equivalent (refined, deodorized, fractionated, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (palm oil, shea butter)), cocoa powder, emulsifiers: soya lecithin E322, ethers of polyglycerol and interetherified ricinoleic acids E476; flavoring “Vanilla”), apple mash (apples, preservative - sulphur dioxide), syrup, milk-containing product with butterfat substitute, manufactured according to the technology for preserved condensed milk with sugar (standardized milk, rehydrated whey, sugar (sucrose), butterfat substitute (refined, deodorized natural and modified vegetable oils (palm oil, sunflower, soya, rapeseed), emulsifier mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids E471, antioxidant mixed tocopherol, concentrate E 306), milk sugar (lactose)), apple jelly (sugar, apple mash (apples, preservative- sulphur dioxide), white chocolate (sugar, Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier soya lecithin E322, salt, flavorings: “Vanilla”, “Cognac”), orange jelly (sugar, orange mash (oranges, preservative- sulphur dioxide), butterfat substitute (refined deodorized non-hydrogenated vegetable oils: palm oil, soya oil, antioxidants: sunflower lecithin E322, ascorbyl palmitate E304, mixed tocopherol, concentrate E306, citric acid E330), condensed milk with sugar (standardized milk, sugar (sucrose), milk sugar (lactose)), acidity regulators: citric acid E330, sodium citrate E331, gelling agent pectin E440, cocoa powder, butterfat substitute (refined, deodorized interesterified, partially hydrogenated and fractionated vegetable oils (palm oil, sunflower), antioxidant mixed tocopherol, concentrate E306), egg white powder, flavorings: “Charry” “Lemon”, “Orange” condensed cream with sugar (less than 1%) (whole milk, cream, sugar (sucrose), milk sugar (lactose)), coloring agent curcumine E100. May contain small amount of wheat flour.
  • Energy value per 100g: 390kcal/1650kJ
  • Nutrition value per 100g: fats- 9g, carbohydrates- 76g, protein- 1.5g.
  • Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to milk protein and/ or egg white.
  • Storage conditions: store in clean, dry, well ventilated place, free from foreign odor, not infected by stored grain pests, at temperature +15-21°C and relative humidity not more than 70%. Keep far from direct sunlight.
  • Packaging: cardboard

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